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Back-end Gaia

Determine the function of microorganisms

GAIA is a metagenomics cloud software that performs easy, precise and reliable microbiome analysis and aims to close the gap between data production and interpretation.

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Any type of data

Amplicon (16/18S, ITS),
WGS and Virome analyses


Any Biological Source

Human, Agricultural or
Environmental samples

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Total Integration

Integrates Taxonomy &
Function at any organism level


Real Time

Navigate, download,
save & share your results

Reliability is Key

GAIA is able to obtain a comprehensive and detailed overview at any taxonomic level of microbiomes of different origins. GAIA uses the best, most up to date and reliable scientific methods and algorithms, and you don’t even need any bioinformatics knowledge to run it!

Real-time comparative metagenomics | Abundance

GAIA is able to perform a differential abundance analysis to show significant differences among your conditions, thus giving greater meaning to your results.

Metatranscriptomics | Taxonomy

GAIA is capable to perfmorm taxonomical identification of the microorganisms in your samples and quantify the expression of genes and thus identify their key roles.

Diveristy within and between samples | Alpha-Beta diversity

GAIA unveils different metrics calculated to consider overall richness and evenness and is able to suggest the most similar and the most different samples among our set.

Gaia in two computers


Results in minutes to hours


Identify down to Strain level


Identify more species correctly


User friendly & interactive

GAIA’s Scientific Validation

Absurdly Easy to Use

Metagenomics data analysis in 3 simple steps


Upload and Validate

GAIA has a reliable upload system with integrated recovery and resume functions to allow you to quickly and securely upload your data from a local device or Google Drive. Use the Validate button to check the integrity of your Seq data.


Select Your Reference Database

Choose your reference database to compare your data from our wide range of databases including prokaryotes, viruses, fungi, plants and animals.

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Navigate Through Your Results

GAIA shows your results in a General View, and more in depth results with
Full Quality, Taxonomy and Comparative analysis views. You can download everything and/or click ‘collaborate’ to share with your peers, or use them for future projects.

Citations and Case studies

GAIA featured in scientific research and case studies as the metagenomics data analysis tool.








Publications featuring GAIA


Choose the best plan that suits your needs

Pay Per Sample

Upload your files and let GAIA do the rest. We have different prices for Amplicon, WGS and Metatranscriptomics.

Pay Per Sample + Bioinformatics

Upload your files and our team of bioinformaticians will help you interpret the results from GAIA and perform more complex analyses.

Drop Us a Line

Tell us about your project for further assistance and pricing information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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