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The company responsible for the compilation, use and disclosure of the personal data by virtue of this Privacy Policy is: SEQUENTIA BIOTECH S.L. (from now on SB), with NIF: B-65947814 and registered office at Avinguda Can Domenech edif. Eureka, Campus UAB 08193 Cerdanyola del Vallés. This privacy policy refers to and parts of other SB web pages, including,, Https// https// (from now on web). This privacy policy establishes which data the Responsible gathers on the web user, how we use and disclose said data, what we do to protect them and the choices you can make in relation to this. We recommend that you revise our Privacy Policy.


Personal data is the information that identifies you or makes identification possible. In the fields indicated on the web, we collect personal data the user specifies, such as: name, last names, email address and comments, suggestions or petitions they could potentially make. As the responsible party for this data, the data the user introduces in the software, is anonymised or has strong security measures such as pseudonymisation, so Sequentia Biotech is unaware of the identity of said data. Visiting the website does not imply that the user must facilitate any information regarding their personal data. However, as explained, should it be the case, the data you could provide would be identifiable and would be treated lawfully at all time in accordance with the principles and rights expressed in the RGPD. SB informs its users that it meets and respects the current legislation in terms of personal data protection, meeting the data security principle and adopting all necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security of personal data and avoid its alteration, loss, theft, and unauthorised treatment or theft. The security measures adopted are in agreement with the nature of the personal data submitted. If you have any doubts you can contact our DPO at


The data the user provides to contact us for a query or to sign up to receive informative newsletters we will use for these purposes, with the legal basis that their consent implies, which they provide in order to send the contact form or subscribe to the newsletter. The personal data the user provides upon registering on the web to use any of our services, the legal basis of treatment of those data, will be the execution of a contract of which the individual concerned will be a part. Under the legal premise of scientific investigation it is possible we will use some data regarding their preferences to improve our service.


The personal data you provide will be kept for as long as is necessary to complete the objective for which they were gathered, as long as a contractual relationship and legal obligation exists between the parties.


Your data is transferred to providers and other companies related to the responsible party in order to be able to supply the services you require. It is possible that using a software or storing your data in the cloud could imply transferring your data outside the European Economic Area, in which case your data is transferred to the contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, meaning your data is safe. We have adopted all the technical and organisational measures required to guarantee the safety of personal data and avoid its alteration, loss, theft, and unauthorized treatment or access. The safety measures adopted are in accordance with the nature of the personal data submitted.


If you wish to ask for the access, rectification, update, suppression, limitation or elimination of the personal data you have provided us through the web, or if you wish you receive and electronic copy of said data to transfer them to another company, you can contact us at, and we will respond to your request in accordance to the applicable legislation. In your request you should specify which personal data you wish to change, as well as if you would like us to delete it from our database or, if not, which limitations you would like us to apply in our use of them. We will need to verify your identity before realizing your request. We will try to comply with your request as soon as is reasonably possible. Bear in mind we may need to store certain personal data for record keeping and/or to complete whichever transaction you may have started before requesting a change or removal.


This web is not aimed at users under 16 years of age, however, should they proceed with processing data from minors under 16 years, SB will require the consent of the parents or tutors and proof of the same. Before using the web please consult with a parent or guardian.


If you believe your rights have not been adequately handled, you have the right to present a complaint before the AEPD at the address c/ Jorge Juan nº 6 28001 de Madrid.


A cookie is a mall file that is downloaded and stored in a user’s computer when they access a website. Cookies allow the web, amongst other things, to store and retrieve information regarding the user’s or computer’s surfing habits, and, depending on the information they contain and the way the system is used, to recognize a user. The user has the option to prevent the generation of cookies by selecting the corresponding option on their browser. For more information please read our Cookies Policy.

Cookies Policy

To make this site work properly, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device. A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It enables the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don't have to keep re-entering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another. Cookies can be temporary or permanent. Temporary cookies (session cookies) are the Cookies that help you navigate our web and are essential for us to provide our service. These cookies are stored in the temporary memory of your computer, so that when the user closes their session they are automatically deleted. Permanent cookies are stored in your device for indefinitely and therefore this allows retrieval of the browsing information the next time the user visits the webpage . This type of cookies are used to track the user’s behaviour and facilitate custom advertising. For this type of cookies the user’s consent is necessary . Proprietary cookies are the ones sent to your device, from a domain managed by the owner and through which the service requested by the user is provided. The owner is responsible of informing you about the purpose of your data processing and of obtaining your expressed consent to it. Third-party cookies are the ones sent to your device through a domain that is not managed by the owner, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through the cookies. They are established through a third party plug in, that is a software that is improving the functionality of a bigger website (i.e. the ones used by social networks) . In this case, both the owner of the web page browsed by the user as well as the third -party are responsible of notifying you of the purpose of processing your data and need to obtain your consent. Analytical cookies: these cookies allow us to track and analyze our users’ behaviour while they browse our website. The collected information is anonymous and allows optimizaton of the user’s browsing . We use Google Analytics, a tool for web analysis by Google that allows us to understand how the user interacts with our website. It collects the information anonymously and produces reports about the trends in our website, without identifying the individual user. Therefore, the EU directive 2009/136/CE establishes that we are allowed to store Cookies in your computer or device when this is necessary for the correct functioning of the webpage, however in order to store different types of cookies we need your consent . A number of our pages use cookies that are not strictly necessary for the website to work but will provide you with a better browsing experience. Cookies used by our web Below is the list of cookies used by Sequentia Biotech SL, indicating the duration of each one:

1- Google analytics: analytical cookies

_ga 1 week.
_gat 1 minute.
_gid 1 day.

2- When the user accepts the banner regarding the use of cookies: these are proprietary cookies.

Cookie_notice_accepted 1 month.

3- Third party cookies such as Twitter: these cookies are not allowed by many browsers

_ga 1 week.
_twitter_sess The duration of the twitter session.
Lang The duration of the twitter session.
Ads_prefs 10 year.
Auth_token 10 years.
Csrf_same_site_set 1 year.
Dnt 10 years.
Eu_cn 1 year.
Guest_id 2 years.
Kdt 1 year.
Personalization_id 2 years.
Remember_checked_on 10 years.
Twid 10 years.

4- Plug-in pto share webpages in social networks :

_cfduid 1 year
Uvc 1 day


By browsing the Sequentia Biotech website, you are expressly agreeing to the use of cookies mentioned above, for the durations and the conditions indicated in the present Cookies Policy

- How to revoke my consent to the use of Cookies?

You can reject the cookies downloaded at any time, by deleting the Cookies stored in your computer though your computer settings. Computers automatically use Cookies by default, but as a user you can control and freely decide about their implantation in your hard-disk. In this respect, you can set up your computer to notify you before receiving a cookie and decide whether you want to accept it or not , or you can deactivate all cookies, but remember that you will not be able to use all the functionalities of this web page. The following information shows you how to activate and deactivate Cookies on the most popular browsers:


1.Click on Settings and then on Internet Options
2. Click on Privacy and then Sites
3. In the Website Direction field please write the complete address (URL) of the website whose privacy setting you wish to personalize.
4. Click on Block or Allow
5 Repeat step 3 or 4 for every website you wish to unlock or allow. To save, click twice on Accept


1. Click on Safari menu
2. Enter the section Preferences
3. Click on Security to be able to modify the Cookies


1 Click on the Chrome menu
2 - Select Settings
3 Click on Show Advanced Functions
4 In the Privacy section click on Settings
5 In the Cookies section you can configure the options listed below:
- delete cookies
- block cookies by default
- allow cookies by default
- include cookies exceptions from specific domains or websites


1 Click on Tools and then Options
2 Click on Privacy
3 In the History section select ‘ Use a personalized setting for the History
4 Click the button to accept cookies and click on the ‘exceptions’ to select the websites that (always or never) authorize to install cookies on your device


We may update our website Cookies policy, therefore we recommend you review this policy every time you access to keep informed.


App/Web This domain belongs to Sequentia Biotech S.L. Operating headquarters: edifici Eureka, campus UAB 08193 Cerdanyola del Valles. Should you have any doubt, comments or suggestions about our Cookies Policy please contact us on

How do we use cookies?

A number of our pages use cookies that are not strictly necessary for the website to work but will provide you with a better browsing experience. You can delete or block these cookies, but if you do that some features of this site may not work as intended. These cookies are used to remember:
- your display preferences, such as browsing language, contrast colour, font size, device used, search results preferences and notification preferences.
- your latest visit on the website (for statistical purposes) and the 3 latest pages visited (to help our helpdesk in case you send a request)
- if you have agreed (or not) to our use of cookies on this site
Also, some videos embedded in our pages use a cookie to anonymously gather statistics on how you got there and what videos you visited. Enabling these cookies is not strictly necessary for the website to work but it will provide you with a better browsing experience. You can delete or block these cookies, but if you do that some features of this site may not work as intended.

How to control cookies

You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish. You can delete all cookies that are already on your device and you can set most browsers to prevent them from being placed. If you do this, however, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site and some services and functionalities may not work. Refuse cookies You can easily accept or reject the cookies on this site by choosing one of the following links:
- I accept cookies
- I refuse cookies (*) (except the one that remembers this choice)
I refuse all cookies (*) (in this case you will see our cookie banner each time you come to our website) (*) You can only refuse cookies that are not strictly necessary. Some cookies are strictly necessary in order to enable you to use this website. Without these cookies, we will not be able to provide certain features, such as automatic sign in to the EU law and publications website.


A continuación se incluye un cuadro con las cookies, utilizadas por Sequentia Biotech S.L., junto con la duración de cada uno de ellos:


Al navegar y continuar en SB, está consintiendo expresamente el uso de Cookies antes enunciadas, por los plazos señalados y en las condiciones contenidas en la presente Política de Cookies. -Revocar mi consentimiento para el uso de las Cookies: Puede revocar en cualquier momento la descarga de las Cookies, para ello deberá eliminar las Cookies almacenadas en su equipo, a través de los ajustes y configuración de su navegador. Normalmente los navegadores permiten las Cookies automáticamente pero como usuario puede controlarlas y decidir libremente acerca de su implantación o no en su disco duro. En este sentido, puede configurar su propio navegador para que le avise antes de recibir una Cookie y por lo tanto pueda decidir si la acepta o no, o para desactivar todas las Cookies, pero tenga en cuenta que si desactiva todas las Cookies no podrá utilizar todas las funcionalidades de la página web. Seguidamente, le informamos sobre cómo aceptar o desactivar las Cookies a través de los navegadores más populares:


1- H
aga clic en el botón Herramientas y después en Opciones de Internet.
2- Haga clic en la pestaña Privacidad y luego en Sitios.
3- En el cuadro Dirección del sitio web, escriba la dirección completa (URL) del sitio Web cuya configuración de privacidad quiera personalizar.
4- Después haga clic en Bloquear o Permitir.
5- Repita los pasos 3 y 4 para cada sitio web que desee desbloquear o permitir. Al finalizar, haga dos veces clic en Aceptar.


1.- Acceda a menú "Safari"
2.-Entre en el apartado " Preferencias".
3- Haga clic sobre la pestaña Seguridad y podrá ajustar las Cookies.


1- Haga clic en el menú de Chrome 2- Seleccione Configuración.
3- Haga clic en Mostrar opciones avanzadas.
4- En la sección "Privacidad", haga clic en el botón Configuración de contenido.
5- En la sección "Cookies", puedes configurar las opciones que se indican a continuación:
- Eliminar cookies
- Bloquear las cookies de forma predeterminada
- Permitir las cookies de forma predeterminada
- Incluir excepciones de cookies de dominios o sitios webs específicos.


1- Haga clic en el botón de Herramientas y luego en Opciones.
2- Haga clic en la pestaña Privacidad.
3- En la sección Historial, seleccione "Usar una configuración personalizada para el historial".
4- Marque la casilla para aceptar las cookies y haga clic en Excepciones para seleccionar los sitios web que (siempre o nunca) autorice a instalar cookies en su dispositivo.


1- Opciones > Avanzado > Cookies
2- Las opciones de cookies controlan el modo en que Opera los maneja. El modo predeterminado es aceptar todas las cookies.
- Se aceptan todos (predeterminado)
- Aceptar cookies sólo del sitio visitado (se rechazan los cookies de terceros para dominios externos al que se está visitando
- No aceptar cookies nunca (se rechazan todos)


Es posible que actualicemos la política de Cookies del sitio web, por ello le recomendamos revisar esta política cada vez que acceda, con el objetivo de estar adecuadamente informado.


App/Web: Este dominio pertenece a Sequentia Biotech S.L Domicilio social en avinguda can domenech edif. Eureka, campus UAB 08193 Cerdanyola del Vallés. Si tuviera alguna duda, comentario o sugerencia sobre la Política de Cookies, por favor escriba a:
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