Results in minutes to hours

More sensitive

Identify down to Strain level

More precise

Identify more species correctly


User friendly & interactive

GAIA 2.0 is here

A solution to close the gap between data production and interpretation in metagenomics.

The complete package:

Any type of Data

SHOTGUN (WGS and Metatranscriptomics), Amplicon (16/18S, ITS) and Virome analyses

Any Biological source

Human, Agricultural or Environmental samples


Total Integration

Integrates Taxonomy & Function: at any organism level

Real Time

Compare samples in real-time measuring statistical significance

The start is crucial

Starting with the correct data is critical to the success of the experiment.

Reduced errors

Human errors are quite common when managing many different files, especially when the files need to be ordered, processed and archived.

To avoid this problem, GAIA has been implemented with several options to check the integrity of the files, validate the information contained and prevent the improper use of archives, using an automated coupling file system.


Human-curated accuracy

One of the most important advances of GAIA is that it is able to perform automatic Metagenomics as a human curated one. GAIA is able to do this by taking advantage of the intrinsic, informative characteristic of sequencing data.

GAIA works with both single and paired-end reads of amplicon 16s, amplicon 18s, amplicon ITS, DNA Shotgun metagenomics, RNA Shotgun metatranscriptomics.

Absurdly easy to use

Metagenomics data analysis in 3 steps

Upload and validate

GAIA has a reliable upload system with integrated recovery and resume functions to allow you to quickly and securely upload your data. You can also upload it directly from your Google Drive. Use the Validate button to check the integrity of your Seq data.


Select your reference database

You can choose the most appropriate database for your data


Navigate through your results

Your results will load as they become available including a general view; full Quality, Taxnomy and Comparative analysiss. You can download everything and/or click ‘collaborate’ to share with your peers.


Unprecedented Function


Real-time comparative Metagenomics

Presence/absence and abundance differences at different taxonomic levels between conditions with statistical significance.


Explore the function and activity of the complete set of transcripts to get the most out of your samples.



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